From Here On
Post-Photography in the Age of the Internet and the Mobile Telephone

Ausstellung – Exhibition

22. 02. 2013 – 13. 04. 2013
Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelone, Catalonia

Hans Aarsman, Laia Abril, Laurence Aëgerter, Roy Arden, Aram Bartholl, Nancy Beans, Viktoria Binschtok, Marco Bohr, Ewoudt Boonstra, Kurt Caviezel, David Crawford, Martin Crawl, Tony Churnside & The Get Out Clause, Constant Dullaart, Leo Gabin, John Haddock, Gilbert Hage, Monica Haller, Mishka Henner, Roc Herms, James Howard, Thomas Mailaender, Micheal O’Connell a.k.a Mocksim, Jenny Odell, Josh Poehlein, Willem Popelier, Jon Rafman, Doug Rickard, Adrian Sauer, Frank Schallmaier, Andreas Schmidt, Pavel M. Smejkal, Claudia Sola, Shion Sono, Jens Sundheim, Penelope Umbrico, Corinne Vionnet i Hermann Zschiegner

The transition from analogue to digital images and the spread of the Internet and mobile telephones has radically changed the world of photography to the point of no return. This new technological potential has some still-budding creative consequences and has modified and questioned key concepts such as those of authorship and original works by multiplying the possibilities of reproducing and circulating images in an unexpected way. It is a true creative revolution that many artists of the image are exploring worldwide.

As a type of manifesto sponsored by the prestigious Rencontres d’Arles and curated by a top-notch team (formed by Clément Chéreux, conservator of Centre Georges Pompidou’s Photography Department; the artist Joan Fontcuberta; Erik Kessels, the artistic director of KesselsKramer; Martin Parr, a photographer at the Magnum agency and artist Joachim Schmid, all renowned specialists and students of contemporary imagery), D’ara endavant is the first big international exhibition that presents the phenomenon of post-photography in all its complexity and diversity.

Under the title D’ara endavant. La postfotografia en l’era d’Internet i la telefonia mòbil (From here on: post-photography in the age of the Internet and the mobile telephone), this exhibition has been updated at Arts Santa Mònica with new artists.

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